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E.g."I caned it down the motorway and got there in record time." 2. E.g."I've been caning whizz (amphetamine sulphate) all weekend and had no sleep for 3 days."Noun.

E.g."I say old chap, fancy joining us for a gin and tonic?

An annoying, difficult or disappointing occurrence. E.g."It's a right chuffer, breaking my leg just before the football season starts." Chuffer is a euphemism for 'fucker'. A person paid to collect for charity by signing up people to make regular donations, often by direct debit.

E.g."Once I clocked him looking suspicious, he left the shop without stealing anything." 2. E.g."I'm going to end up clocking that idiot if he doesn't shut his big mouth!

Calls will cost you 36 pence per minute plus your mobile phone company’s access charge.

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