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File Type: MP4 Bit-Rate: 4000k-6000k Dimensions: 1280x720-1920x1080 Quality: They look great. Pic Dimensions (HQ): Recent = 1500x999 Older = 1024x682 Sizes vary a little. And to quote the tour again, the content ranges from, "Twinks to Studs, Vanilla to Extreme." Some of the scenes offer more of a story than others, but everything I checked out was well produced with a cinematic eye. The collection is updating with two new scenes every week.

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However, I could only jump back or forth two pages at a time.

And there isn't even a "skip to the last page" option.

An Issue With Pagination The site looks good, but I did have an issue with how they have set up the pagination.

You see, when browsing the entire collection, there are 56 pages.

For information about filtering tools, check this site.

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