Bus driver dating

One attempted to use a bus pass that did not belong to him but the driver refused to take it.

Both men got off the bus but then back got on and demanded to the return of the pass.

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The rider kept shouting for the driver to let him go and banging on the doors.

A passenger on the bus convinced the driver to pull over to let the rider and everyone else off.

Idols (small statues or similar representations of deities used for worship) were discovered at the site, along with a mantapa (a sort of pavilion or outdoor foyer used for ceremonial purposes) and a paanipeeta (a plank inside a temple that holds a deity, according to the that the hero stone's writings were of a brave, martyred soldier in the village Jakkiuru, presumably the same place as the village named Jakkur today.

Further excavations are expected to reveal more details about the soldier if they proceed, which they likely will.“What has been found on the temple premises is new and an unpublished inscription of the veeragallu," an archaeology museum director identified as R.

He claimed the driver endangered his life by pulling out onto the road in front of him.

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