Bulk updating gem source

gem update Updating installed gems Bulk updating Gem source index for: Nothing to update So, I get an error for something not being in rt.lib, but gem update tells me that is the freshest package on the block... I know it seems a bit redundant, me asking these questions, but I *have* used my good 'ole friend Google, to no avail.

:( Here's the dump, from the local query: C:\gem query --local *** LOCAL GEMS *** actionmailer (2.1.1) actionpack (2.1.1) activerecord (2.1.1) activeresource (2.1.1) activesupport (2.1.1) fxri (0.3.6) fxruby (1.6.12) hpricot (0.6) log4r (1.0.5) rails (2.1.1) rake (0.8.2, 0.7.3) rspec (1.1.4) sources (0.0.1) watir (1.5.6) win32-api (1.2.0, 1.0.4) win32-clipboard (0.4.3) win32-dir (0.3.2) win32-eventlog (0.4.6) win32-file (0.5.4) win32-file-stat (1.2.7) win32-process (0.5.9, 0.5.3) win32-sapi (0.1.4) win32-sound (0.4.1) windows-api (0.2.4, 0.2.0) windows-pr (0.9.3, 0.7.2) Here's the result from the cleanup, with dry-run option: C:\gem cleanup -d Cleaning up installed gems...

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After a search for stdio.h, I find it in: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\include So, I *do* have the include header file, I'm just unsure as to where ruby *requires* it to be.

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