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“He put his fingers on my neck [to feel the pulse],” Spiner said. The parish of Brentor is situated in West Devon, about 4 miles (6km) north of the market town of Tavistock on the north west edge of the Dartmoor National Park.

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To the east is the River Burn (a tributary of the River Tavy), and Gibbet Hill backed by an impressive range of granite Dartmoor Tors.

To the north and west is the River Lyd (a tributary of the River Tamar) and an ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’ in the Lyd Valley.

The Tor itself is a dramatic conical volcanic plug 1100 feet (335m) high.

In contrast to the neighbouring granite tors of Dartmoor, Brent Tor was formed from pillow lava extruded under a shallow sea some 350 million years ago.

Further boundary changes in 1987 saw the area east of the ‘White Lady Waterfall’ on the River Lyd transferred to Lydford parish and Blackdown, up to the road, transferred to Brentor from Mary Tavy parish. The historic core of North Brentor (within the circle on Map 2) was built around a small cluster of farms, possibly dating from the medieval period.

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