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An adult nursing relationship can be one of the most bonding and intimate experiences for a couple.There is a primal bonding that takes place between a woman and her baby as it suckles from her breasts.

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But at the same time we drink a glass of cow’s milk without giving it a second thought.

Adult nursing relationships are considered by many to be a sexual perversion in our culture.

You have essentially two options: introduce ABF/ANR into a pre-existing relationship, or to seek out a new partner with the same passion. The theme of your search should be persistence…persistence…persistence. Before you share your desires with someone, you must first be comfortable with them yourself.

If you are trying to introduce ABF/ANR to your current partner, keep in mind that you are almost certainly your partner’s first introduction to the concept. If you are comfortable, they’ll feel more comfortable too.

The mention of an adult suckling from a woman’s breasts can get a multitude of reactions.

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