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Heath didn’t grow up in a religious home and first learned about Christ during a Christian Young Life camp when he was 16.

In 2000, Brandon created a demo CD that became his first album released in 2004 as Early Stuff.

I love how personal his songs are and how transparent he is in each song.

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her meat loaf and love was enough to get in the audience with country singer ... finding out to people magazine she was a fan of the is the first AEX was you mean there's a chance to carry into the government isn't into it turns out he didn't have a romantic chance that did ironically get to sing his song ...

he's open to crossing over into a mainstream audience ...

She thinks it was when they went to lunch at the Copper Kettle two years ago.

He says it was two nights later over dinner at Urban Grub.“He says it wasn’t a date, he was just checking things out,” she jokes about their daytime get together.

They also had a second channel simply entitled Zane and Heath 2.

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