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Tents or marquees are pitched near the flowery banks of the river...

This expression is usually part of the phrases 'a fine kettle of fish', 'a pretty kettle of fish' etc, which mean 'a muddle or awkward state of affairs'.

The phrase 'a different/another/whole-new kettle of fish' has a separate meaning, which is, 'an alternative; a different thing altogether'.

Here she excels her earlier efforts but still imbibes many of the verité approaches and senses of discipline that have filtered down from the Dogme and Advance Party movements.

Her 'strong initial image,' or lack of subservience to more traditional methodology, maybe reminds of the devotion to experimental, avant-garde cinema taken by artists-turned-filmmakers such as Steve Mc Queen (Hunger) or theme-over-story technicians such as Duane Hopkins (Better Things).

This is how I always start writing." What does the image of a fish tank conjure up for you? Trapped by people around her she can't respect. Fortified by cigarettes and alcohol she can kick in the door of the empty nearby flat. Never mind she gets caught and nearly comes to grief trying to steal a horse. But mom's new boyfriend – that could be a pain! Each jaw-dropping new scene surprises yet seems the result of inexorable momentum.

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