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Some dash cams are fussy about the class of the card, so read the reviews to see what's worked for other customers.

Download footage anytime using an SD adapter or USB cable.

The button in the middle is for switching the dip and corresponding led light color. When inactive it pulses the backlight gently and has a nice effect. I use it on the highest dpi setting which is 3200, but there are benefits for using it on the lower ones as well, depending on what you’re doing with the mouse.

The product itself is pretty sturdy and not flimsy in construction and easy to operate. (ladies glove size medium) and shorter pinky finger and thumb than the usual cutout for gloves, so, it wasn’t hard for me to use and I did not experience any strain, but I found myself wanting to use y left hand rather than my usual right hand for using a mouse. I do recommend this product and I think it is absolutely worth every penny.

Dash cams have so many features in common that it can be hard to parse out what makes each one unique.

To give you a head start, I've researched a number of cameras available on Amazon and chosen six winners to share.

Enhance your gaming experience with this durable and dependable Blackweb Gaming Mouse.

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