Baron chen dating

He considered himself a romantic person and preferred to pick a gift together with his girlfriend.

Baron said, "You must care about how she feels all the time." When asked what kind of lover he was in his past girlfriends, he joked, "In one word, its like taking a sauna. There will not be inadequate content because the fans are not all older than 18 but still we will satisfy everybodys imagination.

Soundtrack: Epochal Times (心時代) by Bii, Andrew Tan, Ian Chen, Dino Lee Bottom Line (底線) by Landy Wen Back In Time (逆時光的浪) by Bii Quiet (安靜) by Andrew Tan feat.

Miu Zhu Just Gold Just Diamond Baron Chen the "Sauna Lover" (the article - posted: ) (Taipei January 9, 2016) When Baron (River) Chen appeared at a jewelry store as "manager of the day", the fans crowded in and almost cause a riot.

He said, We will make a close contact with our fans, or keep a distance within the touch of the tongue.

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