Badger and blade gillette dating

This razor has been completely cleaned, polished, and sterilized in an autoclave machine.

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Badger and blade gillette dating is denny hamlin still dating jordan fish

If you do not have a synthetic knot in your den you will be very pleased with the performance of this brush.

The great thing about synthetic knots is they are already silky soft and do not require a long break in period.

This case is in near mint condition and opens and closes exactly as it should.

There is virtually no wear to the exterior and the interior is simply stunning.

When restoring this brush I drilled down an extra 4mm for a total of 14mm to give this brush some extra backbone. There are NO CRACKS and the inside of the brush has been drilled out hollow and filled with a high polymer resin, making it much more sturdy then it was when new and adding quite a bit of heft to it as well.

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