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A very, very old tradition done during the wedding was the test of the bride’s virginity.

The women of the couple’s families will watch the couple from afar make love on white clean sheets.

“Our goal as practitioners of siapo was to have each participant engage in making one from start to finish.

We first showed them how u’a (raw paper mulberry) is made through beating, and then we challenged them to create a siapo themselves using select patterns.” Over the course of three days, the visiting artists from American Samoa took the workshop participants through each step in the making of a siapo, from the formation and processing of the barkcloth to the application of Samoan cultural symbols.

The child is sent home with the food before they are even able to eat.

The traditional wedding cake is quite extraordinary.

The pair, both long-recognized as cultural artists and educators, traveled to the University of Glasgow in March to demonstrate both the making of barkcloth as well as its uses as an artistic medium.

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