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, "Fire of the Torah") is a Jewish Orthodox Ashkenazi organization and yeshiva.

In Jerusalem, it has built a high-tech main campus and outreach center that features a rooftop vista overlooking the Temple Mount, and the Kirk Douglas Theatre, which will house a dramatic film presentation of the Jewish contribution to humanity.

Scheduled to open in 2009, the outreach center anticipates one million visitors annually.

The seminar has been adapted for presentation to Jewish day schools, yeshivas, and Beis Yaakov schools as "Project Chazon." , which chronicles the lives of selected baalei teshuvah ("returnees to Jewish observance").

Aish Ha Torah believes that the high rate of intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews has diluted the Jewish people’s vitality.

Some have asserted that the organisation reflects a more Religious Zionist philosophy in its attachment to Israel, promoting Jewish pride and by sending young American Jews to Israel.

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