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State govt has sown big subsidies to expand milk production and dairy plant expansions creating a mess as national yogurt consumption has slid backwards for the past three years!

Wilson digs into specific subsidies doled out to certain dairy plants.

So far, dairy products have not been specifically mentioned in the verbal sparring between China and the U. That test detects whether milk from cows comes from cows that have grazed on fresh forage.

Moodys Investors Services October 2017 analysis of Dairy Farmers of America seems to miss a key point.

DFAs payments to members are cleared monthly, not accumulated for a year.

Writer Nate Wilson gives the sorry history of New York State Gov.

Cuomos failed scheme to make NY the yogurt capital of the world.

That throws off Moodys assertion that DFA is in a healthy balance of total member payments relative to the co-ops debt.

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