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Learn more about: A legitimate company or financial institution would never contact you and ask you to give your PIN or password over the telephone or online.Your bank will never tell you of a problem with your account through an unsolicited email, and they will never ask you to send or confirm personal or financial information by email.Our research reveals that as the Canadian mobile landscape expands, it is evolving in significant – and unexpected – ways. It comes as no surprise that smartphone ownership is growing in Canada; what is surprising is the rate at which it is growing.

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Between 20, the share of smartphone owners in the 45-54 and 25-34 demographics increased most noticeably, while the share of smartphone owners in the 18-24 and 65 demographic decreased (see Figure 2).

It seems the demographic landscape of smartphone owners has expanded to include more people in the middle age range.

In 2016, the global mobile internet user penetration has exceeded half the world’s population, while the average daily time spent accessing online content from a mobile device, such as a smartphone, a tablet computer or wearable, has reached 185 minutes daily among Millennials, 110 minutes for Generation X and 43 daily minutes for Boomers.

Accounting for this popularity is also the growing creation and use of mobile apps, from gaming to fitness over mobile messengers to animation software.

Global consumer spending on mobile gaming apps is set to reach 105.2 billion U.

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