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Russian officials have publicly denied any role in cyber attacks connected to the U. elections, including a massive “spear phishing” effort that compromised Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, among hundreds of other groups.President Vladimir Putin said in recent comments to reporters that criminals inside the country could have been involved without having been sanctioned by the Russian government.

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For-hire companies include motor carriers of general freight, towing companies and household good movers.

The Public Act to promote safety upon the highways is “The Motor Carrier Act” PA 254 of 1933 as amended.

As many as 90,000 records were ultimately compromised.

But even if the entire database had been deleted, it might not have affected the election, according to Menzel.

This process, which is common across states, does present an opportunity for attackers to manipulate records at their inception. Using evidence from the Illinois computer banks, federal agents were able to develop digital “signatures” -- among them, Internet Protocol addresses used by the attackers -- to spot the hackers at work.

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