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This is when the CIN issue came up and she told me what I already knew: that I needed to get a pap immediately. The pain, the terror, the constant worry that I still had CIN, or worse, cancer.

I left her office and scheduled a pap for the next month.

I figured that if 70% of CIN 1 lesions regress within 6 years, and I was already living a healthier lifestyle than most people (I was in school for my holistic nutrition certification at this time) and I was going to take steps to heal naturally as well, then I could do it. My gyno’s office hounded me for weeks to get the LEEP procedure. Despite what I felt, I explained my history to the assistant, including the fact that I was pretty traumatized by my previous gyno and the colonoscopy. Not just to that particular office, I mean that I did not get a pap smear at all. I know and knew that I should have been getting regular pap smears, but I was honestly just so traumatized from everything that I’d been through – I just pushed it all into a very small corner of my mind and didn’t acknowledge it. I started working with and studying essential oils.

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Knowing that the cells on the cervix replenish every 7-14 days, I decided to do whatever I could during that time to make sure I was giving my body the best shot.

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